How It All Began….

In a chance encounter, while a church member installed the phone system at a local production studio, a conversation developed that opened doors for media donations from post production food commercials. It was a great fit, and the donations became more frequent.  In a similar encounter, our church hall was rented by a production company to serve the crew catered meals. The leftovers were donated and business cards were exchanged. We began to receive small catered food donations from other local studios. Through the years our name spread by word of mouth from food stylist, photographer, art department, production coordinators, producers and directors so that the quality and diversity of food excelled beyond our expectations.  As the project grew, Joyce and Richard Leavitt came on board as food distribution team leaders. In 2003, Pastor Joyce was ordained and assumed a leading role in the development and restructuring of the food ministry. 

Pastor Dave Lopez embedded this phrase within the core of our ministry “serving the Lord by serving the people”.  In the early stages of ministry, he saw the importance and impact to community in presenting the reality of the Good News by restoring dignity to those in need.  The project was appropriately named ‘Operation Dignity’.  One aspect of this ‘dignity’ was in providing food assistance.  This was accomplished by developing local food bank contacts and organizing a distribution team.  Pastor Dave left full time ministry in 2003 and went to be with The Lord on March 28, 2013. He leaves a rich legacy of his compassionate heart toward those struggling to break free of addictions and the firm insistence that all people be treated with dignity and humanity. Truly this project was shaped by his love for fellow man and will continue far beyond his years .


How It Has Developed….

Pastors Joyce and Richard Leavitt bring their own unique style of ministry to the table in the transitional development from a food bank distribution project into a Food Distribution Network whose partnerships in ministry and media have allowed this unique grassroots project to grow and succeed! 

We are so grateful to the production company coordinators and managers that choose us over so many other charities. They work tirelessly to coordinate the many aspects of production and take the time to approve and coordinate food donations for us. Special thanks to the many food stylists that not only do such a great job in making the food look wonderful on set, but they take notice of which foods are safe for consumption and which items have been altered or handled. Through their careful stewardship, we are able to receive the maximum donation of safely handled food. They have become a vital part of this portion of ministry and we truly appreciate them and all their efforts!

Pastors Joyce and Richard Leavitt desire people to experience a revelation of the love of God that transcends beyond the boundaries of faith, denomination, lifestyle, ethnicity or cultural status. This is like a liquid fire poured out from God’s own heart into the heart of man, that burns deep within to stir hearts with renewed purpose in life and passion for God. This is demonstrated even in simple acts of kindness, such as distribution of food, clothing and services. The recipients are deeply impacted. It is a vital tool in the restoration process for many whose hearts are discouraged and whose lives are broken through circumstances.

Their ministry project, named ‘Liquid Fire’ portrays that desire.  An aspect of this ministry continues by utilizing Food Distribution but project development continues to expand in new ways. The focus has shifted from a distribution team targeting local famillies to a distribution support team aimed at facillitating other ministries that already have programs in place to feed struggling, hopeless, homeless, and some with special interests.


How We Operate….

Through Operation Dignity, benefit continues to reach local families and individuals, particularly ‘in recovery’, ’at risk’ or ‘in crisis’.   

Through Liquid Fire, recovery homes, missions, training centers, ministries, and other special interest groups are served.


Read Our Food Distribution Mission….  

As Liquid Fire,  our network support team continues to grow to assist and facillitate development of programs, gatherings and events for a network of independent non-profit ministries — primarily California based.  Along with other integral aspects of Liquid Fire, such as a coalition of musicians, poets, speakers, and media/tech support; food distribution is another expression of this project that undergirds and helps independent ministries fulfill their vision. 


What We Are and Are Not…  

We are a way to connect ministry projects together and take things to a higher level.  It is not our goal to limit the vision — Our commission is to develop ministries in their calling with encouragement, support and connection so they can be infused with Liquid Fire that releases the compassionate response that compels us into the highways and byways to draw in the lame and the sick and the unlovely.  

We are not a rescue mission.  We are not looking for street corners to hand out food.  We are not one of the vast number of ministries that provide assistance to homeless or a handful of families.  There are many wonderful and successful ministries that do these things already!  This is their call and their vision… and we are all blessed that these ministries and their dedicated staff have stood in the gap when others did not. 


How Can You Participate?

Production Companies and other venues with food resource to be donated may contact Pastor Joyce Leavitt for more information.

Non-Profit Ministries and Community Project Leaders with special event projects may contact General Information to see if your project qualifies.


Individuals or Non-Profit Ministries interested in finding out more general details about the program and how you can assist may contact General Information .